RJ Yost

RJ Yost Indy


“Keep Pushing”



Rj is a skateboarder from Whitehall, PA and (cheers again!) he is a fresh 21 years of age. This guy has been shreddin’ the gnar for 12 years!

His currently pushing an Amateur Athlete Shop deck (and also has a Creature deck). He loves his Indy trucks, pig wheels, Bronson bearings, along with Bro bolts and grip.  The first trick RJ mastered was an ollie and lately he’s nailed a 360° flip lipslide. (Yeah. It’s freakin’ gnarly!)

When he’s out skating RJ loves riding park and transition, especially in the big apple. He gets inspiration from Chris Haslam, Chris Joslin, and David Gravette. If he’s not skating, he’s making music or playing baseball.

If you ask him what kind of music he likes he’ll say “Anything but country”. As for food, he just laughs and says

“mac and chee all day, err day!”

But hey… who doesn’t?

RJ gets motivated to skate by “anyone who doubts him, his parents, and his friends”…. Shout out to Rell Daniels!!