Rell Daniels


Set goals, chase your dreams, and have fun.



Rell is a skateboarder from Catasaqua, PA, and (Cheers!) he’s 21 years old.

He’s been skateboarding for 10 years and is currently pushing an 8.5-inch deck with thunder hollow trucks, and bones wheels (100 mm).

This guy learned a pop shuvit as his first trick. His greatest motivation is “his homies”, who like him, love to tear it upĀ in NYC.

Rell’s favorite pros are Louie Lopez, Mark Suciu, Ishod Wair, Wes Kramer, and Tiago Lemos. He will essentially eat anything as long as it’s fried!

As for his favorite music:

“Anything I can vibe to”.

Rell would like to thank: his parents for always supporting him, Ricky Toast and the Flat Earth Society.