Mikey Seier

Mikey Seier Big Air at Blue Mountain Resort Palmerton, PA


“Go Big or Go Home!”







Mikey is a 24 year old snowboarder from Northampton, PA. He’s been tearing up the slopes since he was an 8 year old grom (Yupp, that’s 16 years he’s been slaying Blue Mountain!).

As I caught the first chair with Mikey, he’s rockin’ a Nitro Swindle with Union Force bindings like it ‘aint a thing. The first trick he learned was a backside 180°. Mikey doesn’t exactly do “moderate”… he’s the type of dude that jumps first and asks questions later. This guy throws it down like a pro and is now perfecting a 900°, all while making it look super easy.

He’s got a stack of accomplishments, although he doesn’t like to brag.

Although, he’ll certainly tell you:

My motivation to shred is the girls!

If you ask Mikey his favorite things, he’ll say he loves to ride hard pack and eat pizza. … We can’t argue with that!

JP Walker, aka “The Don”, is his favorite pro who has been named “Rider of the Year”  six times by Snowboarder Mag (the most out of any other snowboarder).

He loves to shred for himself, Amateur Athlete, and would like to thank “his family”.