Andrew Tegliavia

Amateur Athlete Team Skateboarder: Andrew Tagliavia

“Learn how to fall!”



Andrew is from Allentown, PA and had been skateboarding for 8 years.

Currently, he’s rocking an AA shop Deck (size 8.25), Thunder 149 trucks, Globe Abec 9 bearings, and spitfire wheels (101A to be precise). Mob griptape finishes off this slice of heaven!

For his first trick, Andrew learned a Backside 180. His most recent accomplishment in skateboarding was nailing a backside Feeble. The things that motivate him to skate are: becoming pro and it’s his favorite thing to do for fun. It also

helps him blow off steam. He loves riding transition and traveling to his favorite skate spot down in Philly.

Andrew really digs Neen Williams, Shane O’neill, Jamie Fox, and Chris Joslin… who doesn’t?!

If you ask him what his favorite music is he’ll say:”Anything but Country”
When he’s not shredding it up on his platter, he’s probably playing video games or modifying cars.

Like Neen, Andrew also thinks working out is important for skating and health. Of his routine, he emphasizes working your legs and core. But above all else,

“Do what makes you happiest.”

Andrew would like to thank his Mom & Dad, Ben Shirner & family, and Caleb Shenkman.